More Keyrings and Bag Charms

More Keyrings and Bag Charms

Keyrings and Bag Charms are great Christmas presents. I have added a few more of these to my online shop this week.

I am working on more of these and they will be added to my website and new Etsy Shop soon. (Yes I have opened a small shop on Etsy too! More about that another day)

More Keyrings and Bag Charms.

Rolling Mill Adventures

If you are thinking of buying a Rolling Mill there are several models available to choose from

Embossed Copper Pendants

Embossed Copper Pendants

Embossed Pendants made using my Rolling Mill.

I have been having a lot of embossing fun with my rolling mill. I crafted several simple pendants using various sources for patterns and these have been quite popular at the recent ESC Artists events.

I have added two new embossed pendants to my online shop today and more will be coming soon. Have a look on my online shop.

'Flora' Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
‘Flora’ Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
'Flutterby' Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
‘Flutterby’ Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace


One can never have too many hammers!
So I treated myself to a few more recently 🙂

New Hammers

They will go nicely with the other hammers I have and sit in the tool stand Mr A made for me last year.

hammer stand
Wonderful range of Hammers available to buy on

ESC Artists Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre

ESC Artists Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre

Looking forward to ESC Artists 2017 Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre which starts next week.

This is my 4th Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre with ESC Artists. Of course I am one of the founder members of this artist led group so I do exhibit at all the events we organise.

ESC Artists 2017 Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre


I am exhibiting a selection of air-chased, fold formed and embossed pieces of jewellery, some small sculptures crafted using various coppersmithing techniques. It would be lovely to see you at the exhibition. Do come and have a look!

Here are some pictures from past ESC Artists exhibitions. We set up a mixed exhibition with a range of work on display.


Stamford Apple Day

Stamford Apple Day

I had a nice time at Stamford Apple Day event on 7 October and met lots of lovely people.

Stamford Apple Day
My mini orchard at Stamford Apple Day

So what has metalsmithing got to do with Apples? Not a lot really, but I do like to support the Stamford Community Orchard Group by attending their annual Stamford Apple Day event at the Arts Centre.

And if you still want a link, however tenuous… I had a mini orchard on display with some of my copper leaves, Mr A’s Bare Iron Trees  and other nature related items like copper flowers, copper mushrooms etc.

It was also a good opportunity to promote our ESC Artists Exhibition from 25 October – 5 November in the Stamford arts Centre Gallery.


Stamford Georgian Festival 2017

Stamford Georgian Festival 2017

ESC Artists had a wonderful time at the Stamford Georgian Festival this year.

Our stall at the Stamford Georgian Festival Street market looked amazing and we got fantastic comments about the quality of work on display. Everything on the stall was crafted by the participating artists at ESC Autumn exhibition and market to be held at Stamford Arts Centre from 26 October – 5 November 2017.

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Participating Artists at ESC Events at Stamford Arts Centre

Eve Marshall
Shalini Austin
Cathi Prince: Shedglas Design
Charron Pugsley-Hill
Emma Burt
Mary Kemp
Maggie Betley & Tracy Wright: Zoo Ceramics
Kate Sell: Garden Reflections
Rachel Burch
Jackie Lucas: Cloudberry Designs
Pat Armstrong
Mathew Gardner: Why Not Wood

2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of Stamford’s award as the UK’s first conservation town so it was a double celebration of our lovely Georgian town. I really do love where I live 🙂