About Shalini: Metalsmith & Freelancer

3 Gorgeous Copper Leaf Sculptures

I have added 3 gorgeous copper leaf sculptures to my online shop this week.

I really do love making these leaf sculptures. They are one of my post popular designs at Exhibitions and Craft fairs. My stockists in Stamford, Spalding and Lincoln love them too.

About Shalini: Metalsmith & Freelancer

The leaves are made from raw copper which is hand-forged and flame painted. I do not add any additional polish or varnish to the leaves because the copper will continue to darken naturally over time as it reacts with the oxygen in the air.

The sculpture just evolves and changes colour many times during its life. That is part of the fun of raw copper decorations in my opinion 🙂

Gift my gorgeous copper leaf as your next House-warming present!

Lovely gift for friends and family! I can make this leaf to order for Wedding / Party Favours, Dinner table decorations and Christmas presents.






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