A range of handcrafted bookmarks made in my design studio in Stamford, Lincolnshire. A bookmark is a great gift for friends or family who live far away because it can be sent by post at a very small cost.

Etched with Quotations: Words or quotes of your choice can be handwritten and etched on copper to create wonderful personalised gifts for your loved ones.

Embossed: Some Copper Bookmarks are embossed with patterns or words. This range includes my very popular “Rescued is my Favourite Breed” design with a cat or dog image. It could also have a rabbit or another animal.

Esha Collection: etched or embossed bookmark with Felted Animals crafted by Artisan Felter Eve Marshall. These bookmarks are made to order.

Soldered and Sculpted designs: Occasionally I use small pieces left over from other projects to make a one off bookmark.

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Showing all 11 results