Fold Formed Copper Wall Art Creature from The Deep 1

Creature from The Deep 1

Delighted that Creature from The Deep 1 sold at Bourne Artists Open Houses Exhibition at Bourne Town Hall

Fold Formed Copper Wall Art Creature from The Deep 1

Fold Formed Copper Wall Art Creature from The Deep 1

Copper Wall Art Creature from The Deep 1, some kind of mysterious, mythical sea creature that has lurked in the oceans since time immemorial. Well… that’s what I think  it is 🙂

This little sculpture has been made from copper and formed using a technique called fold forming. This involves folding copper sheet into different shapes and hammering.

Fold-forming  involves several rounds of annealing to soften the copper so I can work with it. Lots of beating the folded metal to stretch it. The result is an individual forged copper shape that looks very interesting.

Each one of my fold-formed sculptures are individually hand forged and as with any handcrafted design each piece has its individual look depending on the way the hammer hits the metal.

Even if the folding has been done in exactly the same way each piece is a one-off design.

Size: The Box Frame is 19 cm square, 3.5 cm deep and has been left white, with a black border on the inside walls and an off-white background. This shows off the dark copper with its textures and shapes nicely.

This piece was recently displayed at Allman Galley at Victoria Hall in Oakham as part of the Escartists Vitamin Sea Exhibition.

Look out for more copper art coming soon to my shop!






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