Etched Copper Bracelets

Etched Copper Bracelets

Apologies for lack of updates lately. Lots of bespoke work going on which I can’t share yet. My friend Eve Marshall has asked me to make some special copper components for the felt sculptures she is making for her forthcoming exhibitions. There are 5 projects in total. Project 1 and 2 have been delivered. Three more to do, one of which is going to take some thinking about. 

So I took a break from it all and made a few copper bracelets. I have signed up to sell my designs at a gallery (that is a story for another day, probably by the end of this month) and I need to create some new stock to send there. 

I had etched some of my doodles some time ago and had not quite decided what I was going to do with them.

So I cut up the etched sheet into rectangular pieces and discs, brazed copper jump-rings on them and joined them together with wire links. A liver of sulphur patina gives it an antique finish and I am quite happy with the results.

Two of these bracelets will be going to the gallery, one in my online shop once I have taken some pictures.






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