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Rolling Mill Jewellery Now Available

Some of the Rolling Mill Jewellery I made recently has now been listed in my online shop. I am working on more copper and brass […]

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Learning to Setup the Rolling Mill

So I bought a rolling mill. What next? Learning all about it of course! Learning to use your tools properly is so important! So once […]

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Handmade Paper Texture EarringsĀ 

Paper Texture Earrings made using my new Rolling Mill. I cut the copper sheet into discs and rolled it through the Mill to print the […]

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YAY! I Bought a Rolling Mill!

New Toy! I bought a Rolling Mill and I am so excited! šŸ˜€ Thanks to the wonderful customers who shopped in my online shop and […]

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Felt Bird & Copper Feather Bookmark: Made to OrderĀ 

Felt Bird Bookmarks made to Order in Lincolnshire by Esha – an art collaboration between felt artist Eve Marshall & Me. Each bird is needle […]

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Air-Chased Copper Pendants

I have added three new air-chased copper pendants to my online shop recently.Ā Each piece has been individually hand forged using air-chasing and texturing techniques in […]

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