POPPIES Wall Art Sold!

Really exciting that my POPPIES Wall Art was sold at the Jubilee Journey Jamboree Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre.

Enamelled Copper Poppies Wall Art, Somewhere Near Stamford


Poppies Wall Art inspired by the scenes we see during walks with our dogs Mr Taj & Miss Manali.

We walk our dogs Taj and Manali in fields near Stamford, the town where I live. The fields are beautiful and colourful and keep changing colours throughout the year. Sunflowers, Poppies and a wide variety of wildflowers are a common sight.

The “Somewhere near Stamford” series captures my impressions of these colours and scenes using copper sheet, enamel powder and glass beads.

I really must make more of these tiles. I have loads of different photos of Poppies from the walks.

I can attempt to make images like this from your pictures. Do contact me if you would like to discuss a bespoke tile or set of tiles of a photo you took. A Landscape picture could look good as a Triptych.

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