Copper Sculpture Dragon | AGNIMAY the Fiery


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Copper Sculpture Dragon

Copper Dragon – AGNIMAY the FieryThis copper sculpture dragon started as a fun project. I had copper triangle pieces left over from cutting circles for jewellery and my very popular copper trinket trays. Some of these pieces I had used to practice on, air-chasing, hammering etc.

I first started working on ideas for a collaboration dragon project for our ESC Artists 2017 exhibition. Artisan Felter Eve Marshall & I discussed making a Felt and Copper dragon. Eve & I started working on it… it is still a work in progress and she will be exhibited. For the moment we don’t have an ETA as it has been a very busy year for both Eve and me; and big dragons need a lot of time and TLC.

Anyway, I digress. I made Agnimay  because the other dragon is still a work in progress and I had set my heart on having a dragon at the show. So it started as a fun project with copper bits. I crafted the wings by fold forming copper triangles. The face has been air-chased from a copper piece in similar style to the Woof Pendant. A piece of thick copper wire acts as the stand and allows for some movement on the sculpture if you touch the dragon.

Agnimay means fiery in Hindi, my mother tongue. He is a rustic, funky dragon. and if he could speak and fly I think he would be great fun and take you off for great adventures!

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Free Standing Copper Dragon Sculpture AGNIMAY


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