Antique Finish Rustic Copper Pendant LUNAR (02)


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Rustic Copper Pendant LUNAR (02)

Unisex rustic copper pendant Lunar 2 is another Individually designed and crafted piece of jewellery hand forged from sheet metal.

2nd in my series of Hand-forged ‘Lunar’ Pendants, this is truly a unique statement piece suitable for men and women. Each of these is a one off!

The patterns that emerge when air chasing metal remind me of pictures of Lunar craters, hence the name Lunar. The Air-chased pattern has been soldered / brazed to a sheet of textured copper.

Bespoke orders welcome. Each pendant will be individually hammered, textured and forged by hand and will be one of a kind. Please contact me via this website or my Facebook page.

The pendant will be sent as pictured on waxed cotton cord.

Pendant Length: 6.5 cm; Width: 3.6 cm

This pendant can also be worn on a copper torc necklace available in my online shop.

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