Antique Finish Etched Copper Earrings SCRATCHED


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Simple Antique Finish Etched Copper Earrings

Antique Finish Etched Copper Earrings SCRATCHEDAntique Finish Etched Copper Earrings individually crafted.

I added a scratched lines pattern to copper sheet on one side and a lace border pattern on the other. I put it into a Ferric Chloride solution to etch the patterns you can see on both sides of these earrings.

I think it is nice to have a pattern on both sides because dangly earrings do move about.

Size: These elegant Copper Earrings are 6.5 cm long from top of the ear-wires. Wires are made from Sterling Silver. The  chain that the copper components hang from is copper coloured plated chain.

Keep an eye on the earrings section of my online shop where more earrings in this style will be added as I make them.



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