Carnelian Beads Necklace 01 | Antique Finish Copper


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Antique Finish Copper & Carnelian Beads Necklace 01

Carnelian Beads Necklace 01 | Antique Finish Copper | 26"Carnelian Beads Necklace 01 with beautiful 8mm carnelian beads in beautiful rich shades of orange and brown.

The Copper wire has been given an antique finish using a Liver of Sulphur Patina.

The beads (which I bought from local business Riverside Beads) have been connected together using handmade copper wire swirl links. The hook & eye clasp is also hand-made using heavier gauge 1.25 mm wire.

This style of necklaces have always been very popular and I am bringing them back into my online shop.

Necklace length: 26 inches (66 cm)

If you like this beaded necklace but it is not the right size don’t worry! The necklace can be shortened by taking one or two beads off, or made longer by adding more swirly wire links.

Colourful Crystal Beads Necklace 01 | Antique Finish CopperThis style of necklace can be made to order with other semi precious gemstone, glass or ceramic beads. The necklace can be made with silver or gilt plated copper wire or sterling silver wire. Please contact me to discuss alternative options and custom orders.

I will soon have more bracelets in this style also listed in my online shop.


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