Copper Fish In Aluminium Ring


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Mobile: Copper Fish In Aluminium Ring

Hanging copper fish in Aluminium Ring. This sculpture looks best if hung from a hook, perhaps under a shelf or above window. A position where there is breeze would be good so you can see the movement.

I cut out and textured a fish shape and was going to make it into another wall mounted fish. Then while browsing Instagram I came across several mobile fish sculptures. So I cut up the fish and connected the pieces using figure of 8 wire links.

It was then hung from an Aluminium wire ring that I made from some heavy gauge wire I have had for a while and only used for making lightweight jewellery so far. It is a one-off but can be repeated if you wish to order more than one. Send me a message to discuss.

Why indoors? We know that copper loves being outdoors and takes on some very interesting verdigris and patina. I am recommending this sculpture for indoor display only because I have not hung any aluminium wire sculptures outdoors so don’t know how the metal will behave.

There is movement when it feels the breeze or when I hung it on the clothes dryer above our wood burner.


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