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Copper Owls Wall Art on a Recycled Wood Mount

The FIRST DATE Copper Owls Wall Art started as two individual owls to go on wall. I like making owls because I think they are such beautiful creatures. After I had done the sawing both the owls were on my annealing pan (which is round) and looked like they were both sitting side by side but avoiding looking at each other. I moved them about and jokingly said

Go on talk to each other, you two look like you are on a first date!

And from there the design just evolved.

Both the owls have been hand sawn and then given interesting textures using various hammers and stamps. I put the the branch through the rolling mill to get the lovely texture on it. I am really pleased with this fun piece.

Once finished I mounted the FIRST DATE Copper Owls wall art on a wooden back made out of salvaged pallet wood. The diameter of the wooden back is 12 inches.

FIRST DATE Copper Owls Wall Art
Original mounting

Update August 2020: Originally the owls were mounted on a brightly painted palletwood block as pictured on the right.

2020 has brought its own challenges not of our making because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. My husband & I used the lockdown period to expand his little pallet wood upcycling hobby further to create functional wooden pieces using Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood.

I have now re-mounted the owls on the same wooden block after giving it a make-over. I feel this is a definite improvement and all my new wall mounted pieces will be going on Shousugiban frames where possible.

Commissions welcome for similar fun designs.

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