Enamelled Copper Pendant | Spring Green Tutti-Frutti


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Spring Green Tutti-Frutti Copper Circle Pendant

Spring Green Tutti-Frutti dainty copper circle pendant enamelled with green Opaque enamel with red, blue, yellow, green, orange and white blobs created out of crushed glass.

Enamelled Copper Pendant | Spring Green Tutti-Frutti The copper circles is 2.75 cm.

The chain is an anti tarnish copper coloured iron alloy. It is not a pure copper chain.

This pendant matches the Tutti Frutti range of bracelets and earrings also available to buy in my online shop. The colourful jewellery with splashes of bright colours remind me of ‘Tutti Frutti’ Ice cream which was a childhood favourite.

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Enamelled Copper Jewellery Handcrafted in Stamford, UK


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