Copper Sheet Offcuts | 0.5mm | 24 gauge SWG | Various Sizes Individually Priced


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Copper Sheet Offcuts for craft projects including model making, sculptures and jewellery designs.

The copper sheet off cuts I am offering for sale are from my excess stock of copper. This is the same material – new sheet copper – that I use for my own designs.

I have written the dimensions of the copper off-cut on each sheet with a black sharpie. There may also be some smudges can be seen on the copper, this is a normal occurrence as the material has been handled. You can easily remove these marks using wire wool.

Dimensions of the 0.5mm / 24 SWG / 23 AWG Sheets: Please select the offcut you would like to buy from the drop down above. As you select the offcut your will see more details – Weight, Length and Width of the actual piece just below the selection box. Each piece is individually priced based on the weight of the copper off cut

This thickness is great for making earrings, bookmarks and small decorative items.

You can see examples of the copper things I make using the same material here.


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