Copper Sheet Offcuts | 1.2mm | 18 gauge SWG | Various Sizes Individually Priced



Copper Sheet Offcuts | 1.2mm for craft projects including model making, sculptures and jewellery designs.

The copper sheet off cuts I am offering for sale are from my excess stock of copper. This is the same material – new sheet copper – that I use for my own designs.

Dimensions of the Copper Sheet Offcuts | 1.2mm/ 18 SWG / 16 AWG: Please select the offcut you would like to buy from the drop down above. As you select the offcut your will see more details – Weight, Length and Width of the actual piece just below the selection box. Each piece is individually priced based on the weight of the copper off cut.

I have written the dimensions of the copper off-cut on each sheet with a black sharpie. There may also be some smudges can be seen on the copper, this is a normal occurrence as the material has been handled. You can easily remove these marks using wire wool.

This is a heavy sheet, thickness is great for hammered, embossed & etched cuffs, sculptures, etched art and enamelling. You can see examples of the copper things I make using the same material here.


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