Flame Painted Copper Wall Art WHO AM I?


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One off Abstract Copper Wall Art WHO AM I?

Flame Painted Abstract Copper Wall Art Who Am I?

The textures on this piece have been achieved mainly using a ball pein hammer and a wooden dapping block. I had a lot of fun making this abstract piece and I think a few more of these will be coming up soon. Each one will of course be a one off.

I used my gas torch to heat the copper to get the lovely colours on this copper sculpture.

I named this piece ‘Who Am I?’ because the from certain angles this piece does look like a slightly puzzled face.

The piece has been left without any kind of varnish or coating. As with all untreated copper this sculpture will continue to darken naturally over time as it reacts with the oxygen and humidity in the air. Personally, I feel, this natural oxidation process gives your item an ageless, timeless look which is part of the charm of individually handcrafted copper pieces.

The Wall Art is approximately 19 cm (7.5 inches) round and can be displayed indoor and outdoor. The colours stay stronger if displayed indoor.

My two copper sculptures WHO AM I? and WHO ARE YOU? were exhibited at the ESC Artists Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre.


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