Copper Wire Tree Sculpture by Dave Austin


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Indoor Copper Wire Tree Sculpture

Free-standing Copper Wire Tree Sculpture handcrafted with pure copper wire.

Copper Wire Tree Sculpture by Dave AustinThis copper wire tree sculpture was created by tightly wrapping copper wire around a central core of wires. As the outer wire is wrapped up the trunk the branches are formed and wrapped as well.

The wire tree sculpture has been wound of two different gauges of bare copper wire, the ends of the branches have been hammered flat to simulate leaves which have been coloured green. This tree will take on a nice patina and continue to darken and change colour as it ages.

The base is a ceramic dish normally used for real bonsai trees, filled with a PVA and sand mixture which was allowed to dry and become hard. It was then coloured using Indian inks to give the impression of green moss and soil. The sculpture measures approximately 24cm high and a spread of approximately 27 cm.

Dave Austin accepts commissions for similar tree sculptures in copper, silver-plated copper and brass wire. Outdoor trees can also be crafted using copper or bare iron wire.


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