Decorative Copper Leaf Sculpture 02 | Indoor & Outdoor


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Decorative Copper Leaf Sculpture, Fold Formed

Individually crafted decorative copper leaf sculpture which can be displayed indoor and outdoor.

Decorative Copper Leaf Sculpture 02 | Indoor & Outdoor The leaf is 19 cm long, the whole sculpture including the wire stem is 29 cm.

This copper leaf has been made from copper sheet. The copper sheet was cut and the large leaf individually hand-made using a technique called fold forming.

Once the leaf shape was ready it was given a patina using a butane torch flame which brings out lovely colours in copper. The leaf has been left bare to naturally gain further patina.

The copper will continue to darken naturally over time as it reacts with the oxygen in the air.

Each copper leaf is unique and individual because of the processes involved. A few pictures of the making process have been posted on my Instagram account from time to time.

Gift a Copper Leaf!

Lovely gift for friends and family! I can make this leaf to order for Wedding / Party Favours, Dinner table decorations and Christmas presents.

Decorative Copper Leaf Sculpture 02 | Indoor & Outdoor


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