Decorative Copper Mushroom 01 | Enamelled Blue Grey


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Decorative Enamelled Copper Sculpture

3.8 cm tall Enamelled Decorative Copper Mushroom 01 crafted out of salvaged copper. I textured this toadstool sculpture and enamelled it with blue and grey transparent glass powder.

The enamelled finish makes the little sculpture shimmer under light.  Doesn’t it looks like it has just been watered and is wet? 🙂

The Enamelled Blue Grey Decorative Copper Mushroom 01 is a lovely little piece for indoor display or even outdoors in your little cottage garden.

I think it is a cute little pot buddy for your indoor plants. Nice gift for Nature Lovers.

Decorative Enamelled Copper Mushroom - Indoor / Outdoor
Little sculptures for little gardens both indoor and outdoor

Decorative copper gifts for nature lovers.

Waste Not Want Not series: Metal salvaged from an old copper tank.


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