DIVERSITY Necklace 01 | Colourful Enamelled Copper


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Colourful DIVERSITY Necklace 01

Vibrant Copper DIVERSITY Necklace 01 made with a selection of brightly coloured copper circles linked together by copper wire swirly connections.

This necklaces is another one of those pieces I started making without a concrete plan. I had a selection of enamelled copper circles sitting in a bowl on my workbench. They had been originally enamelled to be made into earrings. Then I thought I had already made lots of earrings in this style so I should have play at making something else.

I started linking them together using 1.25mm gauge copper wire to make a bracelet and it just evolved from there. Half way through the connections bracelet idea was scratched and I just made this lovely triangle linking all the colourful circles together. Stared at it for a bit and decided it should be a necklace and made a chain for it.

DIVERSITY Necklace 01 inspired by Stamford Diversity Festival logoWhen I looked at the connected circles spread out on my workbench it made me think of the Stamford Diversity Festival logo. I was part of this wonderful festival last year and had a great time. That’s why this piece of jewellery has been named the Diversity Necklace. Lots of different colours connected together to make one beautiful piece, in the same way as a diverse bunch of people with different beliefs, backgrounds and abilities come together and do beautiful things together.

Size: Necklace is 19.5 inches long with a copper hook clasp made from 1.25mm pure copper wire. The copper chain on the necklace is made for 1mm pure copper wire. The triangle drop is just over 3 inches. The copper circles are 2 cm.

Colours: Orange, Spring Green, Grass Green, Yellow and Teal. All copper wire has been given an antique patina. Back of the colourful circles is not enamelled.

Can be Made to Order

If you want a special colour combination please do contact me to discuss. Several colour combinations are possible depending on the enamel colours my supplier has.

Read more about my enamelling adventures on my blog.


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