Embossed Brass Cuff DECORATIVE SWIRLS Pattern


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Unisex Brass Cuff with Embossed Decorative Swirls

Brass Cuff decorative swirls pattern, the texture has been printed on brass sheet using a rolling mill.

I cut the bracelet blank from a brass sheet and textured it with my rolling mill. I used a sheet of paper with the pattern on the brass sheet to get this gorgeous decorative swirl texture.

The first brass cuff I made in this style sold within minutes of sharing it on twitter and that has encouraged me to create more brass cuffs. I hope you like them as much as I do 🙂

This Brass Cuff is a standard fit at approximately 6.5 inches, Width 1.8 cm.

More signs with Brass.

I am playing with more embossed pattern ideas using a variety of materials including stencils, stickers, paper cut-outs, textiles and anything with an interesting pattern that would print on metal when put through a rolling mill.


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