Embossed Puffed Copper Heart Pendant


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Gorgeous Puffed Copper Heart Pendant embossed with flowers.

To craft this Puffed Copper Heart Pendant a piece of copper was printed with this gorgeous flowers pattern using a Rolling Mill. I then used a jeweller’s saw to cut out the heart shape and gave it depth and the puffed look using my doming and dapping coppersmithing tools.

The pendant has been given a light flame paint patina with very subtle hints of blue-green colour showing from certain angles.

The copper heart pendant is 4.5 cm wide and 5 cm (2 inch) long. Chain is attached to the pendant and makes the finished necklace approximately 21 inches long. The chain is an anti tarnish copper coloured iron alloy. It is not a pure copper chain.

Puffed Hearts are always quite popular in jewellery. This is a design I have used often and sold plenty of, and not just around Valentine’s day.

If you look at the Pendants section of my website you will see more Puffed Copper Heart Pendants listed.

I can make more of this style of pendants as party or wedding favours or for bridesmaid jewellery. The hearts can also be made into Keyrings or bag charms, which are popular gifts.

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