Marbled Enamel Forest Green Copper Earrings 02


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Long Forest Green Copper Earrings 02

Long Forest Green Copper Earrings 02 with a multicolour marble effect created with Millefiori dust. Each pair of marbled enamel earrings in this style will be one off because I cannot control the way the enamel dust melts.

Hammered copper wire dangles connect the colourful ring and the sterling silver ear wire. I have deliberately made this wire slightly mismatched, because I personally love mismatched earrings and think it adds to the uniqueness of the piece.

A perfect accessory to enhance whatever outfit you decide to wear today! The colourful glass enamel really does have a lovely shimmering effect.

Copper Earrings made from Copper Washers. Truly stand-out earrings with bold copper circles enamelled on one side translucent enamel.

I have given the copper circles and components an antique finish.

Earrings are long, length is approximately 7.5 cm from top of the ear-wire. The copper circles outer diameter is 2 cm. Ear-wires are Sterling Silver.

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