Colourful Enamelled Copper Brooch 14 | Teal & Red


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Colourful Enamelled Copper Brooch 14

Gorgeous Enamelled Copper Brooch 14 is a colourful explosion of Teal background with flashes of red and yellow. Reminds me of little flames.

The round copper base was given a sprinkling of Red and yellow opaque glass powder. After the first firing I then sprinkled opaque teal over the piece and used a little cocktail stick to draw lines in the powder. Back it went into the kiln and after 3 minutes this interesting piece emerged.

Totally unplanned, I let enamel and heat do its thing to create yet another abstract piece. MAGIC! These colourful pieces are all one off and that’s what I love most about my colourful enamelled brooches most.

Enamelled Copper Circle BroochThe back of the brooch was enamelled with colourful bluish enamel. The brooch has brooch pin glued to the back. See picture.

This brooch is approximately 4 cm round.

I will send this piece in a little card gift box.

My selection of enamelled jewellery makes wonderful gifts, and I am happy to make this style of colourful piece to order. Each one will be a unique piece of art jewellery.

I recently received a grant from our local district council which allowed me to buy an enamelling kiln. This has added a whole new dimension to the enamelled pieces I can make.


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