Sold: Enamelled Copper Circles Bracelet – Lavender Blue

This One-off piece has been sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.

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Colourful Tutti-Frutti Enamelled Copper Bracelet

Lavender Blue enamelled copper bracelet with splashes of bright colours. It reminds me of ‘Tutti Frutti’ Ice cream which was a childhood favourite.

Whenever one of my uncles visited us in New Delhi he took us to out to buy comics and have a ‘Softy’ Ice cream. 🙂 The Ice Cream seller would sprinkle loads of colourful sweets before handing us the cone and it was almost a competition with my brother to see who had more Tutti-Frutti on their ice-cream. Memories… they are so important aren’t they?

I am really starting to have a lot of fun with coloured enamel and my Tutti-Frutti range is first of many enamelled copper bracelets I intend to make.

Size: Bracelet is 7.8 inches (20 cm) long with a copper hook clasp made from 1.25mm pure copper wire. The copper circles are 3 cm.

Colour: Lavender Blue Opaque enamel with red, orange, blue, yellow, green and white blobs created out of crushed glass.

Back of the bracelet is not enamelled, it has a hammered texture and has been given an antique patina.

The Tutti Frutti enamelled copper bracelet is available in my shop in various colours with different size circles giving you a wide choice. And if you want a special colour combination please do contact me to discuss. Several colour combinations are possible depending on the enamel colours my supplier has.

I can also make matching Tutti Frutti Necklaces and earrings.Enamelled Copper Circles Bracelet - Lavender Blue



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