Enamelled Copper Trinket Tray 01


Waste Not Want Not series: Metal salvaged from an old copper tank.

Upcycled Enamelled Copper Bowls & Dishes handcrafted in Stamford, UK.

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Square Copper Trinket Tray

Copper Trinket Tray 01 is a lovely pretty dish to keep your little treasures. This enamelled tray was cut from sheet copper and textured using a ball pein hammer. The tray was then enamelled with transparent pale brown glass powder and tiny colourful glass beads. I think they look like berries scattered across the tray.

I have given the back of this tray an antique finish just to add more character to the piece.

Enamelled Copper Trinket Tray (01)A useful coin dish, tea-light holder or to keep little rings / earrings / cuff-links in one place on the dressing table.

Size: approximately 8 x 8.4 cm. It is not a perfect square, because I like things a little rugged and wonky 🙂

I made this Enamelled Copper Trinket Tray 01 from copper salvaged from an old copper tank. Each piece is a one off. See more upcycled work in my online shop.

I recently received a grant from our local district council which allowed me to buy an enamelling kiln. This has added a whole new dimension to the enamelled pieces I can make.

Square Copper Trinket Tray

As with all glass items please be careful when handling. If dropped the enamel may break and shatter. So do be careful.


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