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Enamelled Copper Wall Art Reflecting My Moods

Enamelled Copper Wall Art MOODS is quite a good reflection of many moods of Shalini (Me!).  All these moods could happen in the same day… sometimes within an hour!

MOODS! | Enamelled Copper Wall ArtRaging – hot – cold – angry – weepy – deadly calm – bursting with energy – head all over the place – wonderful creative ideas – all of this and more!

I can almost see women of a certain age reading this and nodding their heads. Yes you guessed it, I am going through the “change” (well… menopause is how most people would understand it).  And one of the biggest symptom of this stage of life my has been mood swings.

I feel for people who have to live with us when we go through this change. And I empathise with each and every woman who lives with this whether it is months or years. It really is a big part of our lives.

It really is a long story and I don’t want to go into details… we will be here forever! Instead of description of a piece of art you will be reading a novel! So perhaps just enjoy this visual representation instead 🙂

The three enamelled copper tiles have been mounted on a piece of recycled pallet wood by my husband Dave.

MOODS! Enamelled Copper Wall Art Size: 23 x 14 cm square. 

This wall mountable picture has 2 picture hangers at the back. If you prefer you can display it using a small plate holder or stand. This would work well for displaying on the mantelpiece or window-sill.

The pallet wood mount has been made using an ancient Japanese method of preserving wood known as Shou Sugi Ban. The wood is burnt using a blow torch. I dyed it using a black water based dye because I think the black background makes the colours of the piece pop out so much more!

Dave works with wood, wire and rocks. Some of his work is listed in my online shop here.

Read more about my enamelling adventures on Instagram.I am really having a lot of fun with enamel.

My enamelling kiln has added a whole new dimension to my work.

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