Enamelled Fold-Formed Copper Bracelet – Blue


One Off Gorgeous Fold Formed Enamelled Copper Bracelet.

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Blue Enamelled Fold-Formed Copper Bracelet

Shimmering blue enamelled fold-formed copper bracelet. I fold formed a strip of copper to give it interesting lines, patterns and textures, cut it into squares and then enamelled it in transparent blue. The gorgeous blue enamel really enhances the textures, ridges and folds in this piece. I think will make more in this style. I have another piece in this style in green here.

Size: 19.8 cm (approx 7.8 inches) long with a copper hook clasp made from 1.25mm pure copper wire.

Colour: Transparent blue

I have not enamelled the back, just gave it an antique patina.

I am really starting to have a lot of fun with glass enamel. My new enamelling kiln has added a whole new dimension to my work. It really is an added bonus that my customers are liking my new range of colourful copper jewellery.

Read more about my enamelling adventures on my blog.


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