Enamelled Rustic Copper Pendant – Mahogany


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 Air-Chased Enamelled Rustic Copper Pendant

Individually designed Mahogany Enamelled Rustic Copper Pendant hand forged from sheet metal using air chasing and texturing techniques. I enamelled the forged pendant with a dusting of transparent Mahogany glass powder.

This is truly a unique statement piece suitable for men and women. Each of these pendants is a one off! The patterns that emerge when air chasing metal are always unique . That is what gives each one of my pieces its own unique character and personality.

Pendant Length: 4 cm; Width at the widest point is 3.5 cm. The chain for this pendant is approximately 21 inches long anti tarnish copper coloured iron alloy. It is not a pure copper chain.

This pendant can also be worn on a copper torc necklace available in my online shop.

Commissions welcome for Air-chased Rustic Copper Pendants like this one. I will handcraft each piece individually.Mahogany Enamelled Rustic Copper Pendant

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