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Etched Copper Bookmark 06, Great Gift!

Handmade Etched Copper Bookmark with a beautiful mermaid.

Etched Copper Bookmark 03 | Floral Design Lovely Gift for anyone who is fond of collecting and reading books.

Etched Copper Bookmark 06 is ideal for sending by post to friends and family who live far away.

This style of bookmark can be made to order in larger quantities. Each will have a different design based on the resists available to etch from. Please contact me if you would like to order more bookmarks in this style.

Bookmark Variations:

Floral Design Etched Copper Bookmark 01I can also make etched bookmarks to order with a quotation of your choice or a personalised message upto 20 words.

Each bookmark is written by hand and given some texture and a patina so may have slight colour and texture variations unique to all individually hand-made items.

I also offer bespoke quotation bookmarks with felted sculptures. Felting is by Eve Marshall, Copper work by Shalini Austin, Felted Animal and Quotations of your choice (upto 20 words)

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