Etched Copper Cuff Bracelet LOST CITY | 3.2 cm Wide


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Wide Copper Cuff Bracelet LOST CITY

Copper Cuff Bracelet LOST CITY is a wide cuff bracelet made from Copper Sheet.

Wide Etched Copper Cuff BraceletsI made a series of squares, circles and dots on sheet copper and etched it with a Ferric Chloride solution.

The finished piece reminds me of several photos I have seen of ancient ruins and lost cities. Planners  in the olden days had a much better idea of how to plan cities with the most important things in the centre for easy access and then living quarters spreading out around them!

Size: Medium – A Standard fit at approximately 6 inches. The cuff width is 1.3 inch.

I can make a bigger or smaller diameter cuff in the size you require. I can sketch the same design again but I cannot guarantee the exact etched finish as on this particular cuff.

Truly a standout piece of art jewellery. This cuff would be a fabulous gift for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas.

Etched copper cuffsThe cuff bracelet was finished with an antique patina. My aim was to give it the look of an ancient artefact dug up from an archaeological site. The patterns on some of those pieces of pottery and jewellery and even just the remains of buildings have always appealed me 🙂

Commissions welcome. Etched copper designs have been a very popular with my customers and I would be happy to craft a bespoke design using a pattern of your choice.

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