Felt & Wire Original Wall Art AUTUMN FOREST


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Autumn Forest Felt & Wire Art by Eve & Shalini

Original Wall Art AUTUMN FOREST mixed media collaboration “Esha” with Felt Work by Eve Marshall & Wire Work by Shalini Austin.

Wall Art ‘Autumn Forest’ is our first artwork together.

I created a wire forest framework using soft aluminium wire. The wire has been twisted to form the tree trunks, branches and grass.

Eve then wet felted the background using a mix of merino wool and needle felted the tree tops and birds.

This picture comes in a 2 inch deep white box frame which is 10 inches square and has a suitable hook for wall mounting.

How Esha started… Eve and I first worked together when I used her felted beads to make Brooches and accessories for my jewellery range. Then, during an exhibition we were both part of in early 2014, Eve started playing with a Wire Sculpture Peacock I was playing with and needle felted its body. That’s how the idea of “ESha” was born. It took a few months before our first picture Autumn Forest came into being.


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