Flame Painted Fish Pair on Upcycled Wood


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2 Flame-painted Fish mounted on Upcycled Pallet Wood

Flame Painted Fish Pair sculpture on Upcycled Wood.

Each fish has been individually shaped and textured. The fish have been given a flame painted finish using a little butane torch. Flame painting throws up a whole range of colours. The same colours can not always be replicated. I think it really makes each flame painted sculpture unique. I have given a renaissance wax polish to the fish which will help to maintain the shine.

The making process makes each copper fish unique. I draw a fish shape free hand, cut it using metal snips and then hammer it. The fins and tail on these fish are attached using copper-sulphur brazing rod.

The wood for the mount comes from a pallet. Mr A cut it to size, sanded it down and painted it in this lovely charcoal coloured paint. I think it really shows off the colours on the fish  beautifully.

Size: The upcycled wood pallet block on which the Flame painted fish are mounted is 23 cm x 10 cm. The fish are approx 11.5 cm long (each). There is a string at the back to hang it on a nail / hook.

Indoor Wall Art: Flame Painted little fish mounted on wood salvaged from a pallet.

Nice gift for your fisherman friends perhaps? I can make these colourful Funky Fish on Upcycled Wood to order for Christmas and other special occasions, for party favours and for business gifting.

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