Flame Painted Fold-Formed Copper Earrings


Rustic Flame Painted Copper Earrings with Sterling Silver Wires

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Flame Painted Fold-Formed Copper Earrings

Each leaf like copper component in these fold-formed copper earrings was formed individually by folding sheet copper, hammering it and then opening it up again. Each folding process reveals new pattens. No two pieces are ever the same.

The Earrings were given a flame painted finish using a little butane torch. As with the texturing flame painting throws up a whole range of colours even within the same pair of earrings. I think it really makes then unique.

Earrings are 7 cm long, (approx 2.7 inches) long from top of the ear-wire. Ear Wires are Sterling Silver.

I am really enjoying Fold Forming and using the technique to create a whole lot of designs including wearable art like these earrings. See more Fold-Formed Designs here.

Bespoke orders most welcome for this style of earrings for weddings and special occasions. If you need to give matching gifts to several friends / family members then these would be a great choice!


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