Gorgeous Upcycled Copper Cuff LUNAR 10


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One-Off Unisex Upcycled Copper Cuff LUNAR 10

Handcrafted Rustic Air-chased Upcycled Copper Cuff LUNAR 10 has been hand forged from sheet metal using various texturing techniques.

This is truly a unique statement piece suitable for men and women. Each of these bracelets is a one off! I crafted this wearable art cuff from copper  salvaged from an old copper tank.

Waste Not Want Not series: Metal salvaged from an old copper tank.

Wearable Art Cuff LUNAR 10 is a good fit for 6 – 7 inch wrist. The opening is 1.4 inches. A cuff should be put on the wrist sideways (slide it over the narrowest part of your wrist).

Cuff Width is 4 cm (approx 1.6 inches) at its narrowest point and 6.1 cm (approx. 2.7 inches) at its widest, on the ends.

I can make a bigger or smaller diameter rustic copper cuff in the size you require. Click here to order. Each cuff will be individually hammered, textured and forged by hand and will be one of a kind.

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