Hammered Air-Chased Decorative Copper Tray LAMAYURU


Textured Copper Tray ‘Lamayuru’

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Hand-forged Antique Finish Copper Dish LAMAYURU

Air Chased Copper Tray ‘Lamayuru’ which reminds me of the lunar landscape of a place called Lamayuru in Ladakh, India also known as the Moonland of Ladakh.

Hammered Air-Chased Decorative Copper Tray LAMAYURU by Shalini Austin

Copper dish with edges folded back. Great for tea-lights, candles, incense sticks, potpourri or just as a decorative display piece on your coffee / side table.

This Copper tray is handmade from sheet copper using texturing techniques including Air-Chasing & Fold Foming. Each piece is a one off. This dish has been given a liver of sulphur patina.

This one is approximately 19 cm (7.5 inches) at its widest point.

We can make these trays to order for Wedding / Party Favours and Christmas presents. This piece was exhibited at ESC Artists Autumn 2016 exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre.

Please Note: Most of my copper designs have been given an antique, flame or colour patina. However, copper will continue to darken naturally over time as it reacts with the oxygen in the air. Personally, I feel, this natural oxidation process gives your item an ageless, timeless look which is part of the charm of individually handcrafted copper pieces.


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