Rustic Hammered Reclaimed Copper Bowl


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Hand forged Hammered Reclaimed Copper Bowl

Beautiful vintage look hammered reclaimed copper bowl made from a piece of 1mm thick sheet copper.

I started with a 22cm square piece of copper which I cut into a circle using a jeweller’s saw. This piece went through several rounds of annealing, hammering, shaping and sanding to finally become this beautiful textured bowl.

Dimensions: Weight: 227 Grams, Height 3 cm, Diameter 18.8 cm

Annealing copper to make Hand forged Copper Bowl made from Reclaimed Copper.
Annealing Copper

Annealing is the process of heating the metal to soften it so it is easy to work on.

As it is hammered copper gets harder which also makes it brittle. Therefore after a round hammering to form the shape copper has to be annealed again to soften it so it can be further worked on.

After forming the piece in its final shape I have given it some texture along the flat rim, then finished it with an antique patina.

Finally I buffed it using wet-dry paper and washed with soap and water to clean it up. I have not given this piece any additional lacquer or wax polish because I wanted to leave it in a natural finish.

The Finish

Copper continues to change colour over time as it reacts with the atmosphere and this piece will change over time. You can just wash it regularly using a gentle scrubbing pad and washing up liquid to maintain a nice shine. Or you can let it age gracefully.

The metal for this Hammered Reclaimed Copper Bowl came from copper I got from a salvage metal seller. It had marks and textures on it when I started working on it and my hammers have given it more texture.

I like to leave my bowls in this finish because I like the rustic look and antique finish which makes it look like something dug-up in an excavation somewhere exotic.

Bowls like this can be made to order. Please be aware that I cannot promise that made to order pieces will be from reclaimed copper. That totally depends on availability.

Follow my Instagram posts about the making of this piece. Or you can read the blog post here: I MAKE COPPER THINGS

Lovely antique finish copper dish for coins, jewellery and more!

Waste Not Want Not series: Metal salvaged from old copper sheet. Upcycled Copper Bowls & Dishes handcrafted in Stamford, UK.


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