SOLD: ‘Handmade Paper’ Embossed Copper Cuff

This One-off piece has been sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.

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Copper Cuff: Handmade Paper Texture

Pure Copper Cuff with handmade paper texture.

Individually designed and crafted narrow copper cuff bracelet cut from sheet copper, textured using a Rolling Mill and given an antique patina.

The copper bracelet blanks were printed with an Indian handmade paper design using a Rolling Mill.

I used a sheet of paper to roll with copper sheet to get this gorgeous texture. I have more of this handmade paper but each time I roll a bit it will have a slightly different pattern because the paper has such a varied pattern with creases, folds and an uneven surface.

The Copper cuff is a standard fit at approximately 6.5 inches, Width 1.9 cm.


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