HEARTS and FLOWERS 03 | Colourful Copper Heart Pendant


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Copper Pendant HEARTS and FLOWERS 03

Gorgeous Enamelled Pendant HEARTS and FLOWERS 03 is a colourful necklace with Millefiori flowers and floral wafers scattered across the heart.

Millefiore & Copper Pendant HEARTS and FLOWERS 02The Hearts and Flowers series of pendants evolved from The Corsage series of brooches when I played with a few ideas on a piece of heavy gauge sheet copper left over from another project. I loved the results I got on the first brooch and made several more brooches

Someone contacted me and asked if I could make a pendant to match the Corsage Brooch and this series is the result.

These pieces have been layered and fired several times to achieve the final look.

Pendant Size: 5 cm X 4.5 cm

No two pendants will be the same as I will use a selection of decorative media and different colour combinations for each one.

I will send this colourful pendant on a a vegan suede black cord  as pictured. If you would prefer copper coloured plated chain then please say so at the time of placing your order and I change to a chain before posting it to you.

This pendant can also be worn on a torc necklace available in my online shop.

I have enamelled the back of the pendant in a lovely blue-grey mixed enamel which does give it a granite like effect. If you fancied something simple one day then you could wear it the other way round.

This piece comes in a card gift-box.

My selection of enamelled jewellery makes wonderful gifts, and I am happy to make this style of colourful piece to order. Each one will be a unique piece of art jewellery.

I received a grant from our local district council which allowed me to buy an enamelling kiln. This has added a whole new dimension to the enamelled pieces I can make. I feel so happy at the way my designs have evolved from single layer enamels to multi layered jewellery and wall art.


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