One-Off Copper Sculpture ANGST


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Free Standing Beaten, Air-Chased Copper Sculpture ANGST

Copper Sculpture ANGST started as an experiment. I wanted to take my air-chasing skills a step further from small items of jewellery to create something bold which would bring out the natural beauty of hammered copper.

The uniqueness of each sculpted piece, once the folds are opened and cleaned up is a joy!

So instead of the little rustic pendants and air-chased sculptural cuffs I decided to do some air chasing on a larger sheet of bare copper. The initial plan was to create a piece of art to use in a water feature…

After a couple hours of hammering, dapping, annealing and more beating I opened the piece up and it looked like a face. I posted a picture on Instagram and an artist commented “It looks like a face trapped beneath the top of the copper.”

And that is exactly what I thought too! It looked like an anguished face trying to escape. It had really turned out better than I had expected or hoped. Very exciting! So he became a stand alone sculpture and I called him ‘Angst’

Size: H – 35cm, W – 15 cm; Depth of wooden base 8 cm.


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