One-Off Embossed Copper Earrings – 5cm Long


Antique Finish Copper Earrings with Sterling Silver Ear Wires

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Embossed Copper Earrings with Sterling Silver Ear-wires Embossed Copper Earrings with a design that is possibly an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph though I cannot be sure. Hopefully it is not something rude!

The pattern has been printed on copper sheet using a rolling mill.

I used a sticker to create the pattern to roll with copper sheet to get this gorgeous pattern. The earrings were then given an antique finish using Liver of Sulphur.

One-Off Embossed Copper Earrings length is approximately 5 cm from top of the ear-wire. The copper component is 3.5 cm long x 1.3 cm wide. Ear-wires are Sterling Silver.


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