POROUS 03 | Reversible Enamelled Copper Pendant


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Double-Sided Enamelled Copper Pendant POROUS 03

Reversible Enamelled Copper Pendant | POROUS 03 made from copper sheet off-cuts with holes punched out to create interesting shapes and effects. This was an experiment with plans to make a large statement necklace, but I liked the shapes so much I thought some pendants would look good to start with.

A necklace will also be made, perhaps for the 2021 Stamford Arts Centre Exhibition, if I can.

They will be PendantsThis pendant was enamelled using opaque glass powders in different colours in my enamelling kiln. One side has a combination of Teal and Sky Blue and the other Yellow, Amber and Brown. Both sides have a lovely speckled effect which I love.

Pendant  is 5 cm long and approximately 3 cm at its widest.

Unusual everyday wear pendant that would brighten up any outfit.

Each Porous series pendant will be a one off as I am using off cuts left over from other projects to make them. Off cuts come in various shapes, sizes and thickness.

I will send this colourful pendant on a vegan suede black cord because I think it looks good on it. If you prefer a copper coloured plated chain then please say so at the time of placing your order and I will send on a chain instead.

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