Red Enamel Beaten Copper Bowl RUFFLES (06)


Waste Not Want Not series: Metal salvaged from an old copper tank.

Upcycled Enamelled Copper Bowls & Dishes handcrafted in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK.

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Decorative Beaten Copper Bowl, 10 cm Diameter

Hand forged round Beaten Copper Bowl RUFFLES (06)

The ruffles on this bowl make it look like a flower which makes it a really attractive piece of sculpture. This dish has been enamelled using bright red opaque glass enamel. It looks like a poppy flower does it not?

My handcrafted copper bowls, dishes and trays are great for tea-lights, candles, incense sticks, pot-pourri or just as a decorative display piece on your coffee / side table.

I made this round copper bowl from copper salvaged from an old copper tank. Each piece is a one off. I decided to use liver of sulphur  giving this piece a lovely aged look. See more upcycled work in my online shop.

This enamelled Copper Bowl RUFFLES (06) is approximately 10 cm in diameter and 2 cm deep.

I can make these bowls to order for Wedding Favours and presents. Do get in touch.

Decorative Beaten Copper Bowl, 10 cm Diameter

I recently received a grant from our local district council which allowed me to buy an enamelling kiln. This has added a whole new dimension to the enamelled pieces I can make. Of course I am still making the very popular pieces of enamelled jewellery and keyrings, but now I can also make bigger sculptural pieces and bowls like these.


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