Reversible Copper Disc Pendant 02 | Bright Red | Yellow


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Gorgeous Reversible Copper Disc Pendant 02

One-Off Reversible Copper Disc Pendant 02 individually crafted from copper sheet.The pendant is double sided and can be worn either way depending on your mood, the outfit you want to match it with.

I sprinkled a mix of red, orange, yellow, transparent glass enamel powder & a pinch of millefiore dust on one face of the pendant. The other is yellow and black with a few thin strands of melted glass running across.

After two firings in the kiln this was the result on both sides. I am really pleased with this piece.

The copper disc pendant is 4 cm.

This pendant comes on a simple chain. The chain is an anti tarnish black coloured iron alloy. It is not a copper chain. Chain is approximately 21 inches long.

If you would prefer a vegan suede black cord then please say so at the time of placing your order and I will send on a cord instead.

This pendant can also be worn on a torc necklace available in my online shop.

A wonderful unisex handmade gift! Bespoke orders welcome.

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A grant from our local district council allowed me to buy an enamelling kiln. This has added a whole new dimension to the style of enamelled pieces I can make.


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