Round Copper Pendant Enamelled Blue | GALAXY 01


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Enamelled Round Copper Pendant in Blue

Enamelled Round Copper Pendant in BlueEnamelled Round Copper Pendant inspired by the universe!

Stars floating in a Galaxy far far way…

This piece started out as an experiment in capturing little pieces of copper within layers of enamel. The finished piece was such a happy accident that I almost decided to keep it.

But that’s not a sensible way to run a business! And I have a pendant in almost identical colours. I am sure I will be experimenting more and will make variations of this piece soon. One of them might even find its way to my jewellery box.

This enamelled Round Copper Pendant GALAXY 01 is approximately 3.9 cm round.

The back of the pendant was enamelled in a layer of clear enamelled with an abstract pattern achieved naturally by heating the copper piece.

I will send this colourful pendant on a copper coloured plated chain as pictured. This pendant can also be worn on a torc necklace available in my online shop.

A selection of enamelled round copper pendants by Shalini Austin.My selection of enamelled jewellery makes wonderful gifts, and I am happy to make this style of colourful pendants to order.

I received a grant from our local district council which allowed me to buy an enamelling kiln. This has added a whole new dimension to the enamelled pieces I can make. Some of the pendants I have created in recent months have definitely been very special even if I do say so myself.

Enamelled Pendants Handcrafted in Stamford, UK


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