Rutilated Quartz Pendant with Gold-Fill Wire


This One-off piece has been sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.

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Wire Wrapped Pendant: Rutilated Quartz

One-Off Rutilated Quartz Pendant wrapped with 18g soft 14/20 Gold Fill Wire.

The Cabochon was cut and polished from rough in-house in our lapidary workshop by Dave.

The pendant will be sent with a tarnish resistant gold plated chain.

Rutilated quartz, is a type of quartz with needle like rutile embedded in it. Wire sculpting is the first style of jewellery setting I learned and this is the style of work that was my main focus until I started working with sheet metal.

Commissions welcome for this style of wire sculpted pendant using one of your own stones or from our selection.

Please contact me for a bespoke quotation. Price will be based on current price of Gold Fill / Sterling Silver wire which does fluctuate.


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