Sparkling Dichroic Glass Pendant 02 Set in Copper


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 Dichroic Glass Pendant 02 in a Copper Setting

Dichroic Glass Pendant 02 has a gorgeous multicoloured glass cabochon by Alison Kemp . This sparkling piece of glass has been set in copper prongs made from raw copper wire. Sparkling Dichroic Glass Pendant 02 Set in Copper

Pendant Size: The pendant is approximately 4 cm round. The glass cabochon is 3.8 cm.

This pendant comes on a simple chain. The chain is made of a black plated iron alloy material.  It is not a pure copper chain. Chain is approximately 21 inches long.

Note: If you would like to buy a necklace to wear with this pendant we have these available. Just follow the link for torc necklace, priced at £10.00 each.

This is a new design (for me) to set cabochons. I used this style to make a bespoke wedding necklace. I liked it so much that I decided to create more necklaces with this setting. Hoping to make more glass and rock pendants like this soon.

The setting shows off most of the Dichroic glass cabochon with its beautiful shifting colours.

Commissions welcome for this style of copper setting pendant using one of your own stones or from our selection. Please contact me for a bespoke quotation. Price will be based on stone size and if there is any cutting and polishing required.

Dichroic Glass and Copper Pendants by Shalini Austin
Two different styles of Dichroic Glass and Copper Pendants. I am sure I will be making more…

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