Textured Copper One-Off Pendant 02

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Simple, One-Off everyday jewellery for men and women.

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Waifs & Strays: One-Off Copper Pendant

Simple, One-Off everyday jewellery for men and women.

One off Copper Pendant made from small end pieces of copper left over after cutting sheet copper for sculptures and trays. Simple everyday jewellery for men and women.

I use texturing hammers, stamps and dapping tools to give the blank pieces of copper a pattern then put it through liver of sulphur for an antiqued finish.

The pendant will be sent on a waxed cotton cord.

Size: 2.8 cm long and 3.1 cm at its widest.

This style of pendant can be made to order for party / wedding favours. Each piece will have its unique character because it is impossible to achieve an exact replica of the textures when pieces are handmade individually.


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