Turritella Agate Rock Pendant CREATURE FROM THE DEEP


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Turritella Agate Rock Pendant set in Copper

Large Turritella Agate Rock Pendant CREATURE FROM THE DEEP in a copper setting.

Creature from the Deep? Because this lovely one off pendant looks so dark and mysterious to me, the hand cut copper setting just adds to that. And also because Turritella agate has lots of fossilised snails. Read more about this beautiful rock on geology.com.

Turritella Agate Rock Pendant CREATURE FROM THE DEEPThe rock was shaped and polished in-house by Dave Austin in our Lapidary Workshop. He only polished one face and left the bottom and topĀ  raw to give it a more earthy look. I cut .5mm copper sheet to size and set it around the chunky Turitella cabochon.

This is a large statement piece. Approximate Size: Length 7 cm, Width (at widest point): 4.5 cm

This pendant comes on a heavy black plated chain which is an iron alloy, it is not a copper chain. The Chain is approximately 24 inches (60 cm) long.

Commissions welcome for One-off Turitella Agate and other rock pendants. You can select a rock from our selection or we may be able to polish certain rocks from your personal collection too.

Please contact me for a bespoke quotations. Price will be based on stone size, metal used and the time it takes to cut, shape and polish the rock. .


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